Capoeira Glossary

On the Capoeria Glossary page you will find explanations of words and terms from the Capoeria World and the Afro-brazilian culture. In many cases the literal meaning of the words and phrases is different from the meaning in the Capoeira songs.

  • Abada: The  white pants worn by capoeristas
  • Angola: Angola is a country in Southern Africa But also the name of one of the major streams/styles in the Capoeira
  • Angoleiro: a practitioner of the Capoeira Angola style
  • Bahia: Bahia is the name of a big state in Brazil
  • Bateria: General term for all the musical instruments in the roda
  • Beriba: A kind of wood from which Verga (Berimbau) is prepared
  • Dandara: Zombie ‘s Wife. She was also known as a great fighter. After she was caught, she chose to commit suicide rather than return to slavery.
  • Faca de tucum: A knife made by a wood called Tucum
  • Sabiá: The bird symbol of Brazil
  • Salvador: The Capital city of Bahia state in Brazil. The Capoeira developed a lot in the city when Mestre Bimba and Mestre Pastinha with some other big masters lived there
  • Patuá: An amulet widely used by people linked to Candomblé
  • Pé do Berimbau: Position in front of the Berimbau in the roda
  • Zumbi: One of the last leaders of Quilombo dos Palmares. Considered one of the great leaders and  symbol of resistance to slavery