Capoeira Rhythms / Toques

Music is a very important aspect in Capoeira, the Capoeira Music differentiates Capoeira from other martial arts.

The game style and movements inside the Capoeira Roda are influenced by the songs sung and the music played.

Capoeira songs are based on different Capoeira rhythms, where the rhythms determine the speed, character and the style of the game that will be played inside the Capoeira Roda.

Capoeira Regional Berimbau Rhythms :

Berimbau rhythms that Mestre Bimba attribute to the Capoeira Regional. Some created by Mestre Bimba, where other existed before and were also used in Capoeira Angola.

Capoeira Angola Berimbau Rhythms :

More Berimbau Rhythms :

Great Capoeira class by Ferradura involving and expository the importance of the Music and the Rhythems in the Capoeira game :