Miudinho Rhythm

The Miudinho rhythm was composed by Mestre Suassuna which made it a very common rhythm on the Mestre’s Cordão de Ouro group.

While playing the Miudinho the game is fluid, low and fast with lots of circular movements and without sweeps or hits. Usually the sequence of movements is known for both Capoeiristas before the game starts.

Unlike other Capoeira rhythms were clapping and singing is common, playing the Miudinho does not require any clapping or singing although sometimes they are present.


Mestre, is Miudinho a new Capoeira style?

“The game of miudinho is generating controversy because it is being misinterpreted. People are thinking it’s a new Capoeira, and it’s nothing like that. I simply rescued an older Capoeira, modernized the manner of playing it, changed the sequences. the name Miudinho arose because I was observing that capoeiristas were playing very distant from each other and in our time we played very close; thus, I said to people, ‘I want the game more minute, closer, play very tiny.’ Then, I created a toque on the Berimbau. Miudinho is not a new Capoeira, it’s a different manner to display Capoeira. Just like the games of Iuna and São Bento Grande exist, the game of miudinho exists.” – Mestre Suassuna

Listen to Miudinho Rhythm (01:00) :

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