The Atabaque origins are from east Africa, where is was used in religious rituals and to feed worriers with fighting spirits before battles.

In Brazil the Atabaque  is especially used in rituals of the Afro-Brazilian religion Candomblé, the Maculelê dance, Samba de Roda and Capoeira.

There are three kinds of Atabaques : Rum, Rum-pi and Lê. The difference between them are the size and therefor the sound pitch they produce.

Capoeira music Instruments - Atabaque

All the three kinds of  Atabaques are used in Candomblé ceremony and Maculelê.

In the Capoeira we use only one Atabaque although Mestre Bimba used to play at the Roda with one Berimbau and two Pandeiros and without Atabaque ! There are  some evidence that the Atabaque took part in the Capoeira even before the Berimbau.

How to make Atabaque :

A step by step tutorial  on how to make Atabauqe (video was taken in New Zealand by Yan)

How to make Atabaque part 1 :

How to make Atabaque part 2 :

How to make Atabaque part 3 :

How to make Atabaque part 4 :