Capoeira Music by Mestre Barrão

Mestre Barrão

Mestre BarraoMarcos da Silva, Mestre Barrão was born in the port city of Recife, on the North East coast of Brazil.In 1974, Marcos began studying Capoeira with Mestre Pirajá. After three years of training with Mestre Pirajá, who eventually left on sabbatical, Marcos went on in 1977 to continue his training with Mestre Teté. In 1979, he began to enter Capoeira competitions throughout North East Brazil and in 1980, Marcos began to teach. Mestre Barrão  formed Grupo Axé Capoeira. In 1987, he was graduated to First Degree Master by Mestre Pirajá.

In 1990, Mestre Barrão was invited to demonstrate his art at the International Children’s Festivals throughout North America and eventually found himself in Canada at the Vancouver International Children’s Festival. After spending 1991 teaching in Italy, Barrão decided to immigrate to Canada in 1992 and begin teaching at various locations there.In 1996, he opened Canada’s first Academy of Capoeira.

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